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Alvarado Home Construction

A gallery of photos from the construction of our home on Alvarado.

Colorado Camping

In June and July we spent 3 weeks camping, primarily in Colorado. Here are some photos of various parts of the trip: Big Sur, Zion Nat'l Park, Mesa Verde, Molas Lake, Ouray Jeep Trip, Mueller State Park.

Frank & Carol's Wedding

Frank & Carol got married on July 15, 2006. Here are the photos from the wedding. Enjoy and feel free to download whichever photos you'd like to have copies of.

Great Grandma's 90th Birthday

In December we celebrated Patty's Grandmother's 90th birthday It was quite a gathering! She has accumulated quite a set of family and friends over her 90 years.

Grandpa's Birthday

In October we went to Reno to celebrate Patty's Dad's 63rd birthday. Here are some pictures from the party.

Oxnard 2005

In August we took our annual beach trip to Oxnard with the Sages and Spahns. It was a fantastic time as always with very little to do other than relax, play and eat.

Jan - May 2005

Here are pictures from a number of events in January - May 2005.

Summer Camping 2004

This summer we spent 3 weeks driving through the Sierra-Nevada, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Idaho, and the Oregon and California coasts. It was a spectacular trip.

Oxnard Beach Vacation - August 2003

We spent a week at a beach house in Oxnard with the Spahns and Sages. It was a fantastic vacation.

Bear River Reservoir - July 2003

Craig's folks joined us in July for a great camping trip at Bear River Reservoir in the Sierra. Since "Grandpa" was taking lots of pictures, I took it as an opportunity to leave mine in the bag. Here, then, is a link to the page he built about the trip.

Yosemite - May 2003

On May 1-4, Patty and I camped at Wawona Campground, south of Yosemite. Although we had wet weather almost all the time, we had a great time enjoying the peace & quiet and each other's company as well as the beauty of the Sierra.

April 2003 Kansas and Southwest Trip

In April, my Dad and I drove to Topeka, Kansas where we picked up our new Sunline travel trailer. Then we camped our way to Scottsdale, Arizona where I met our girls who had flown there. We then camped in Sedona, Zion and Bryce before heading back to California.

Christmas 2002

We had a great time preparing for Christmas, opening gifts with the family, and playing afterward. Here are a few of the moments.

Tree Trimming 2002

Here are some photos from our annual tree trimming party. The party's changed a bit now with all the kids...

Kelly and Karl Play Soccer

Kelly and Karl took a soccer class this fall. I was lucky enough to go the final practice and take a few shots.

Fall '02 Photos

Here are some family photos from September - November.

Frank's 60th Birthday

We got the Lombardo gang together to celebrate Frank's 60th birthday. Here are a few fun shots from the event.

Beach vacation

We rented a beachfront home in Oxnard, CA for a week in August. Although the sun rarely shone, we had a great time.

Clear Lake Camping

Our annual Lombardo family camping trip was at Clear Lake this year. We borrowed Craig's parents' motorhome - Daisy.

July Summer Fun 2002

We've had a blast this July playing in the warmer summer weather. Here are a few fun shots from this month.

July 4 - 2002

We spent July 4 at Shoreline again. Here are a few shots Grandma took during the picnic, concert and fireworks.

Family Photos - Apr-Jun 2002

Here are few photos taken between April and June, 2002. I've used a new application called PhotoThumbs to create the page. This way you can see a full resolution of a particular photo by clicking on it. Enjoy.

Easter '02

We had the entire Lombardo clan over for Easter this year. It was a blast. Here are some pictures from the big day.

Kelly's 5th Birthday Party

Kelly had a "princess" party for her 5th birthday. Here are a bunch of photos from a fun filled day.

July - August 2001

Here are some family pictures from July and August 2001. We've had several visits from relatives that are included.

Family Photos - June 2001

Here are some family pictures from June 2001. They include plenty of Jessica photos and lots of swimming.

Jessica Lombardo Carlson

Jessica was born on May 16, 2001. Here are some pictures from her first couple of days.

Salsa Ship Trip

Our team at work took a two day trip to Tahoe in January. Here are a few photos of it.

Christmas 2000

We had a fun but busy December preparing for and then enjoying the holidays. Here are a bunch of pictures taken during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving 2000

We were lucky enough to have 2 Thanksgiving dinners this year: Thursday with the Lombardos and Friday with the Carlsons. We had a fun 4-day weekend.  It gave me the opportunity to try out a rented Nikon D1 camera from Keeble & Shucat.  Although it was a real pleasure to use, the pictures weren't as impressive as I had hoped.

Pajaro Dunes weekend

At the end of September we took a long weekend with three other families and rented two homes at Pajaro Dunes.

Houseboating on Lake Shasta

We took our annual Labor Day houseboating trip on Lake Shasta. We went with 3 other family's - The Gates, The Sages and The Shenks. It was great fun - friends, relaxation and non-stop water sports.

Camping at Bodega Bay & Cheesecake

We took a somewhat unusual 4 day camping trip in August. We spent one night (and a couple of days) at Wright's Beach near Bodega Bay. Then we drove to a place called Cheesecake that is an 18 acre common residence, 30 miles east of Mendocino with 8 co-owners. The grounds include incredible river front space, a large wood shop, wine making space, organic garden, horseshoe pit, etc. Our hosts were Dick and Louise Browning - long time friends of Craig's parents. It was a fantastic experience and Craig is ready to retire there himself!

Family Photos

Here are some family photos from early July, 2000. I've been taking lots of pictures with my new toy.

July 4 Weekend

We did a lot of fun things during the 4-day weekend (July 1-4, 2000).

Kevin and Wallis' new house

Some pictures from Kevin and Wallis' new house. They are moving in on July 18!

Pismo Beach Camping

In June of 2000, we went camping with the Lombardo gang.

Family Photos

Here's a set of family photos taken in June 2000.

Kate's First Month

Here's a set of family photos taken in November 1999 right after Kate was born.

King's Canyon

This was the annual Lombardo family camping trip. In July, 1999 we went to Kings Canyon National Park and much of the Lombardo clan showed up (despite the long drive). It was a beautiful setting.